Is there life after Brexit for UK Companies exporting to their EU clients.

Today, our focus is on the Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus has had a massive impact on UK Business.

Millions of hard working UK citizens will lose their jobs.

Thousands of UK Companies will be bankrupt.

But what about Brexit, the Big Elephant is still in the Room.

The massive impact of Brexit will hit UK Companies who export their products to the huge EU Market.

Free Trade and Open Borders will cease.

High Tariffs, New Regulations, Increased Documentation, Delays, Higher Costs will be a recurring problem.


Can Brexit be an opportunity and not a Burden.

The EU Market is an Opportunity not to be missed or thrown away.

The EU Market has a population in excess of 500 Million.

The European Union is the most outward and enterprising market in the world.

It is built on the principle of free trade and success.

The Coronavirus has sidelined Brexit Day but not the massive opportunities in the EU.

The global pandemic of coronavirus has sidelined the impact of Brexit.

However some savvy Companies have recognised an opportunity.

UK Companies can have a EU Legal Entity and Fulfilment Service from Wheeler International.


Simply put, all the fears of Brexit are resolved with a EU Legal Entity and Fulfilment Service from Wheeler International.

Contact Wheeler International at if your Company is.

Importing products from overseas into the UK and then selling to EU Countries.

Or, your Company wants to import products and sell them to EU Countries.

What exactly is a EU Legal Entity and Fulfilment Service. 

Importation, Warehousing, Distribution. 

Your customers are in the EU so import your products directly into the EU.

Save money and cut out expensive UK warehousing, delivery costs, customs . tariffs, new regulations, documentation and staff with the facilities and services  at Wheeler International.

Why choose Wheeler International in Alicante for your Fulfilment Partner.

Experience, Facilities, Contacts and we speak your language.

It is a big step and a massive change for you so contact us at with any questions you have, or to arrange a live skype meeting.

Or, better still fly over and see for yourself our facilities and how we can help you.

It is a 2 hour low budget flight, arrive early and return the same day or stay and enjoy our hospitality in the beautiful region of Alicante.