Terms and Conditions

General Conditions of the Use of the Site.


Legal notices

The site www.wheeler1975.com is published by the company WHEELER.

Site (s): refers to this site published by WHEELER : www.wheeler1975.com

User (s): refers to the internet user (s), natural person (s) and / or legal entity (s),
browsing, making use of or ordering through / on the site www.wheeler1975.com

Client (s): refers to the user (s), identified on the site www.wheeler1975.com and the placing of order or orders for the service (s) 
performed by WHEELER.

General Conditions of Use or “Terms & Conditions”: define these conditions.

Use of the Site www.wheeler1975.com through which the User places an order for one or more service (s) via one of the other products
developed by WHEELER (API, modules, applications).

WHEELER reserves the right to terminate or amend the contract with the User if the User fails to maintain a level of sales that result in the agreed Storage Apportioned Costs of the Contract to be uneconomical to WHEELER.

The Customer places an order in his name, or on behalf of a legal person.

Privacy Policy: define the rules relating to the use of data, personal data of Customers and Users of the Site. 


The Privacy Policy details the use made of the personal data of the user of the Site.

The Site aims to highlight a simplified on-demand logistics solution, designed by WHEELER , allowing professionals to outsource their logistics system
while maintaining control of their stocks.

WHEELER thus offers a logistical tool for allowing third party products to be sent without providing a transport option or their packaging.

The purpose of these General Conditions of Use is to provide a legal framework for methods of making the Site available in all its functionalities and their
use by the User or the Customer. The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to establish a lasting and faithful relationship with its Users.

Consulting, browsing and using the features offered by the Site entail for the User, the full acceptance of all of these Terms of Service. 


The User or Customer is requested to fully understand the conditions and if there are any questions or points that require clarification to contact WHEELER to obtain clarification before using the site or instructing any of the services offered by WHEELER, using the site or transmitting an order to WHEELER is acknowledgement of accepting in full the terms and conditions.

In this regard, and in the spirit of goodwill and complete transparency let it be reiterated that the User placing an order for one of the services offered by WHEELER is deemed to have first read and accepted
these Terms and Conditions in addition to those of any WHEELER partners in their entirety.

These General Conditions of Use are intended to govern the relationship between the User of the Site and WHEELER.

WHEELER reserves the right to make any modification to these General Conditions of Use that are deemed necessary. 


The User is subject to the terms and conditions of WHEELER in effect at the time of use of the Services.

In the event of non-acceptance of these General Conditions of Use, the User agrees to renounce access to the functionalities and services offered by the site.

If one of the clauses results, for whatever reason, is unenforceable, void or not valid, the withdrawal of said provision would not affect the validity and enforceability of the other
stipulations of the Terms and Conditions as a whole.

The User confirms that they are over eighteen (18) years old, and have the legal capacity necessary to accept these General Conditions of Use.

The User agrees to comply with the provisions of these General Conditions of Use in addition to those of any WHEELER partners.


WHEELER cannot be held liable for any reason whatsoever regarding the provisions specified in the general conditions of its partners who remain alone
responsible for their editorial line.

In addition, the User undertakes not to disrupt or hinder the proper functioning of the Site, including but not limited to, the fact of not hindering any right of
intellectual property of third parties.

In this regard, the User undertakes not to undermine the integrity of the Site, and not to collect personal information about another User.

The User agrees to provide the exact information necessary for the use of the Site.

All data collected on the Site for the performance of the services offered by WHEELER constitutes admissible and opposable evidence between the parties in the context of a
judiciary process.

In addition, the User undertakes not to release the identity of another User of the Site and respect the privacy of others.

The User agrees to make strictly personal  the use of the WHEELER Services.

The Customer having obtained access to the Site, and more particularly to their customer account on the site,  recognising that each WHEELER user account, username and password,
are strictly personal, the Customer agrees not to disclose them to a third party.

The customer undertakes not to assign or transfer their user account, username and password
pass, to a third party, natural or legal person. The confidentiality and reliability of the word
password and username are the sole responsibility of the Customer.

WHEELER cannot under any circumstances be held responsible in the event of non-access authorised by third parties to personal or confidential data concerning transmitted data or stored data
obtained during the use of the Site by the Customer.

The User agrees to provide any proof of identity if WHEELER reasonably considers it necessary.

The Customer agrees to use the Site in accordance with its purpose, in particular including but not exclusively the fact of not using the Service for purposes of nuisance towards a
third party.

The Customer agrees not to copy or distribute the content of WHEELER in any way whatever, without first obtaining the written consent WHEELER.

The User can browse the site or connect to his customer account via their strictly personal username and password.

The Customer once connected must follow the steps as described and complete all the information necessary for the performance of one or other of the services
offered by WHEELER.

It is the sole and entire responsibility of the User to provide all the information in a fair, complete and correct manner, in order to allow WHEELER and their partners to
carry out the services offered.

WHEELER declines all responsibility in the event of errors in the information provided by the User or Customer who is ultimately responsible. 


If any of the information communicated by the User is false or incorrect and WHEELER were not allowed to execute any of the services proposed no responsibility is accepted by Wheeler.

The User thus agrees to bear any resulting pecuniary consequences resulting from the transmission of false or incomplete information. 


Likewise, in the event that the User would have provided an incorrect or incomplete address preventing the proper execution of the transport services ordered then these services will be deemed to have been performed and chargeable.

From the first connection by the Customer to the Site, it is understood that the latter accepts fully and without reservations the general conditions of sale. 


Each validation of  an order constitutes an electronic signature of equivalent value to that of a Handwritten signature.

WHEELER cannot guarantee the continuity of operation of its Site, which may be affected by hacking, technical difficulties, errors, bugs, anomalies, pandemics or an act that 
could lead to civil or criminal liability. However in the case of these assumptions, WHEELER will make its best efforts as soon as possible to bring a solution to the situation and remedy 
all necessary corrections.

WHEELER cannot guarantee the compatibility of its Site with equipment or installations at any particular configuration. WHEELER can not be held responsible for any malfunction attributable to installations
or third party software.

WHEELER cannot be held responsible for the content of the websites of ant third party links and in the event of any illegal content or transmissions or contrary to established good morals
(without this list being exhaustive) WHEELER undertakes to remove the link promptly.

WHEELER declines all liability resulting from any damage resulting from use (or inability to use) of the Site.

Furthermore, WHEELER declines all liability resulting from damage resulting from use (or inability to use) electronic means of communication with
the Site, in particular damage resulting from a failure or delay in the transmission of electronic communications, interception or manipulation of
electronic communications by third parties or by computer programs used for electronic communications and virus transmission.

For any question relating to the collection and processing of personal data from the User, the Site’s privacy policy can be accessed from here on request.

All the elements of the Site and, in particular, without this list being exhaustive, the photographs, graphics, images, codes, formatting, texts, illustrations are the exclusive intellectual property of WHEELER.

Under the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, the representation, adaptation, redistribution, nesting or reproduction, in whole or in part, and, more generally, any unauthorised use, and derivative work of the Site are illegal.

The User undertakes to respect all the intellectual property rights of WHEELER and exposes itself to legal proceedings, and in particular to the characterisation of the offense of counterfeiting.