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Steps to Success

How it Works

Our scalable and flexible service makes Direct-to-Consumer Sales possible.

See how your Business can be launched in 30 days in Europe.

Setting-up the Business

Building a Strong Foundation for your Business.

1. Business Setup

Wheeler will Incorporate your European Company and arrange for your Tax Number.

We will ensure your products are fully EU compliant.

Our Accounts Dept. will arrange Customs Clearance and manage your Accountancy and Tax Returns.

Creating a European Brand is Important.

2. Brand Creation

Wheeler will create for you a New Brand that connects to the European Market.

A European Styled Brand to build trust and engage Consumers.

We will register any precautionary trademarks if required.

Fully Managed Online Website

3. E-Commerce Store

Your E-Commerce Platform gives you instant access to 40 Countries in 20 Languages.

Displaying your products to the biggest Economy in the World.

Your E-Commerce Store can Up Sell & Cross Sell with Instant Payment Processing.

Plus, Financing Packages for your buyers.

Your E-Commerce website is fully managed and monitored by our web team 24/7.

Your customers are online 24/7.  So is your online store.

Daily Business Management

Marketing Campaigns with High ROI.

4. Advertising

Professional Photography and Videos created and produced in our own Studios for your Products.

Your Advertising Manager will plan and execute campaigns across Europe achieving a High ROI.

We will generate organic and social traffic to create a strong foundation for your European Company.

Higher conversion rates from our Sales Teams

5. Sales

Your dedicated sales team is available 7 days a week.

Speaking with your customers in their own native language.

Increasing customer satisfaction and closing sales.

You will experience a higher conversion rate with our sales team managing your online store.

Outsource your Product Fulfilment

6. Order Fulfilment

Ship your Products from your factory or supplier direct to our Fulfilment Center.

We process and prepare each item for delivery to your customers.

We dispatch all orders the same day and our delivery is fast and cost effective.

Our Fulfilment Team processes any Customer Returns and restocks them ready for sale.