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Support Is Being Offered To Chinese Companies To Reverse China’s Economic Downturn

Support Is Being Offered To Chinese Companies To Reverse China’s Economic Downturn

Exportation, and in particular the sale of goods and services to Europe will accelerate the upturn for Chinese Companies.

Chinese Business has had many challenges with a zero-tolerance stance on COVID.

Factories and businesses have been weakened by production disruptions caused by lockdowns, endless mass testing and mobility restrictions.

China is now set to finally emerge from the lockdowns and is ready and primed to once again to be a dominant exporter of products and services to Europe.

Wheeler European Fulfilment and Marketing Services is the gateway to Europe for ambitious Chinese Businesses who want to sell directly to Europe.

China is now ready to move towards a return to normality which is heightening a sense of urgency for access to the lucrative European Market.

The Government is introducing economic policies to accelerate the recovery.

The State will allocate tens of billions of dollars worth of funding to stimulate the economy.

It is intended to aid companies that are ready to start or increase exportation of Chinese manufactured Goods to Europe.

The Government will extend a policy allowing small businesses and companies exporting to Europe tax breaks and deferred payment schemes.

The policy will also be expanded to assist manufacturing industries directly involved in exportation.

Exporting Companies can expect subsidised social insurance contributions and subsidies for utility expenses and rentals.

Support for banks is also available to defer principal and interest payments on loans for Exporting Businesses.

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