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Why do Chinese Companies Need Specialist Marketing & Branding to be very Successful in Europe?

Why do Chinese Companies Need Specialist Marketing & Branding to be very Successful in Europe?

For exactly the same reason that European Companies need Specialist Marketing and Branding Help to be Successful in China.

It is fundamentally important to understand the cultural differences between China and Europe.

Without specialist European Marketing and Branding Chinese Companies that attempt to compete directly with established Western Companies in the European Market have a very high failure rate.

To be successful in Europe your Marketing and Branding must be European friendly right across the many different European Countries their cultures and individual languages.

Established in 1975, Wheeler thoroughly understands the European Retail Market.

The EU is the world’s largest trader of manufactured goods and services and competition is fierce.

Wheeler has 50 years experience in European Retail, our expertise and contacts can help Chinese Manufacturing Companies become very successful Enterprises in Europe.

So, which Chinese Products are likely to be more successful in the EU?

China is the absolute dominant manufacturer of consumer and commercial products in the world.

Almost every Chinese Manufactured Product is guaranteed to be a high volume seller in Europe.

Why is the Wheeler European Marketing Package essential for Chinese Companies to succeed?

Attention to the detail in Marketing Planning.

Wheeler focuses on EU-Friendly strategies with a clear and defined plan to achieve specific objectives.

Too Slow and you Lose. Wheeler moves fast.

Wheeler can bring your products to the European Market within 30 days.

24/7 Contact with your Project Director.

No Time Zones. No Delays.  No Waiting . Total Service. Fast Decision Making.

Launch your Business in Europe

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