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Why is the EU an attractive market for International Trade?

Why is the EU an attractive market for International Trade?

The EU is the world’s largest single market.

With transparent rules and regulations.

The EU has a secure legal investment framework that is the envy of the world.

Plus the EU is the most welcoming open market in the world to Chinese Entrepreneurs.

China’s economic ties with Europe are deepening.

Europe remains one of China’s most influential trading partners.

There are clear signs of a very strong strategic partnership between China and the EU.

Increasing Chinese Exports have attracted more Chinese Entrepreneurs to the lucrative European Market.

Wheeler International based in Spain has seen a huge increase from Chinese Companies for their Fulfilment and Marketing Service Package designed specifically for Chinese Companies who want to sell B2C directly to European Consumers.

Why are Chinese Entrepreneurs confident with their entry into the European Market?

High quality Chinese Manufacturing is in demand in Europe.

Chinese Companies have a huge price advantage in Europe against their competitors.

Speed to market is important and Chinese Companies can set up within 30 days and be selling and delivering their products the same day across Europe.

The Gateway to Europe is established by Wheeler Fulfilment Services and is wide open to ambitious Chinese Entrepreneurs.

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